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Action Planning Free Newsletter

The newsletter, called Waymark, includes articles on ‘Demystifying Full Cost Recovery’ and ‘Running Successful Projects’. It is downloadable from their website,

Action planning is one of the UK’s leading consultancies to the not-for-profit sector. For more information visit their website;


Church outreach opportunity

The new English Youth Arts Network is offering churches in the UK the chance to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in creative outreach with young people. The network is from Artswork, the national youth arts development agency. For more information visit their website

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World Vision, The Lost Raindrops

World Vision has launched its latest school resource, The Lost Raindrops. This is a set of short fairytale stories aimed at primary school children, with a deeper meaning. These stories address issues such as lack of nutritious food and clean water in a way that UK primary school children can understand. Free copies of The Lost Raindrops are available from World vision, visit their website for more information, or tel 01908 841 010 is website which provides resource to help teach the message of the Bible in the language of contemporary culture. The site contains quotes and illustrations from the latest films, music magazines and TV and is updated weekly.

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Care for the Family’s support Net

Online support for families by providing free online information on a number of issues, including postnatal depression, and eating disorders.

Child Protection

The Christian community has cause to be thankful for all the work that David Pearson and his team at the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service have done on its behalf to develop coherent and sensitive strategies for ensuring children are safe.  As members of CCCF will be aware there have been a number of high profile cases involving children whose families have been associated with Christian churches, as well as abuse by members of the Christian clergy.  There are complex cultural and social issues when seeking to agree what constitutes “good enough parenting” and a social and theological context that provides an appropriate setting to the well-being and development of children and young people.  CCPAS, coming from a professionally-rooted and committed Christian perspective has been able to help set standards and raise awareness with sensitivity and practical good sense.

David Pearson contributed a substantial session to the CCCF Celebrating Children training programme which was much appreciated.

Among the resources that CCCF has produced are:

Facing the Unthinkable: Training for Places of Worship.  This

is an excellently presented resource pack that includes a three set

DVD, training manual, course handbook and information on other

resources available produced by CCPAS.

Key Resources.  A DVD listing child protection         resources.

Caring About Abuse: prevention and support. This is a 67

page resource booklet published in 2001 with  a series of useful and practical articles by a range of authors.

Caring Magazine, which gives regular updates on new material

and courses.

Safe and Secure: Ensuring the well-being of children and young people within the church community. A booklet produced jointly with the Metropolitan Police Violet Project.

Special Children, Special Needs. A double DVD set designed to help churches become more welcoming to children with special needs.

For more details contact:

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Trust for the Study of Adolescence

TSA is an organisation specialising in improving the lives of young people. They have an extensive number of resources available to purchase, along with a number of conferences and courses. Some of these are listed below:

A little Bit of Respect: A training Video, £23.50: This video contains information on what young people want from adults, including their views on family, teachers and helping adults. It comes with an accompanying booklet for trainers and facilitators.

Emotional Health: A DVD and CD training pack, £52.00: Developed by trainers this resource pack focuses on life experience that contribute to positive and negative emotional health.

Participation Spice It Up! £20.00: A book containing practical tools for engaging children and young people in planning and consultations.

Sharing the Journey, Training resource and DVD, £69.50: A practical guide on how to involve young people in the organisation’s work .

Trust for the Study of Adolescence

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Guide to Social Services

CCCF has relied on the good offices of its members to provide it with updated copies of this comprehensive handbook.

At present we are working with the out dated 2003 edition, so if you are disposing of one that is more recent please send it to us! It may be that we can help distribute them from larger to smaller organisations too if we receive enough copies. Please call 0208 504 2702.

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Celebrating Children

At the end of February CCCF convened the first residential Celebrating Course, based at Mill Grove.  There were 25 participants during the week, and the feedback thus far has been very positive.  The material and teaching were aimed at NVQ Level 3, and there was a rich range of teaching methods.  Among the trainers were Dr Jo-Joy Wright, Glenn Miles, David Pearson, Dr Keith J. White, and specialist therapists involved in music, drama, art and stories.

The intention now is to gain accreditation for the course, to ensure that it meets occupational standards, and then to offer it widely throughout the UK, adapting it to local, regional and national needs.  The material lends itself to distance learning, and can be shaped to the requirements of different organisations and bodies.

The reader, Celebrating Children, edited by Jo-Joy Wright and Glenn Miles is the course textbook, published by Paternoster, 2003.

One of the key attractions of the course for Christians is that is seeks to integrate Christian perspectives and insights with psycho-social theory.  For the thousands of Christians working alongside children who need an NVQ Level 3 qualification, this is really good news.

Please contact CCCF if you are interested in doing the course either as an individual or an organisation.