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The CCCF Vision

The Christian Child Care Forum is a grouping of organisations and individuals committed to :-

By providing a means of sharing experience and insights, and of increasing understanding and co-operation on matters of policy and practice the Forum seeks to sustain and develop the contribution of Christian resources to the well-being of children and young people.

Christian Child Care Forum operates by bringing its constituency of organisations, individuals and families together with issues of concern through its Annual Forum, its Newsletter and various working groups. The result is shared co-operation, shared information and theological reflection so that together we develop, wherever possible, consensus over our respective views. We see deeper theological perspectives; greater incidence of collaboration; positive impacts on the care of children and young people; the greater influence of Christian perspectives on the care of children and young people.

The Christian Child Care Forum traces its roots back over 25 years to what was known as the Christian Child Care Alliance, a network of small or medium-sized Christian child care organisations that enabled them to share news, to influence and form common responses to government policies, and to pray together. In 1991 this developed into the Christian Child Care Network which expanded the possibilities of communication within the Christian child care sector, and of making the Christian public more aware of the existing Christian-based resources. This led to a growing database of over 1,000 Christian organisations and individuals, engaged in fostering, adoption, residential care, counselling, social work, therapy, church-based nurseries and services, and also a telephone Helpline through which people needing help were linked with the most appropriate local Christian resources. Over the years hundreds of requests for information, advice and support were dealt with throughout the UK .

By 1999 the increasing number of calls meant that the Helpline service was transferred to CARE and run under the name, “Childlink”. This left the role of communication, mutual support, and policy formation within the Christian child care sector to the re-named Christian Child Care Forum. Among the achievements of CCCF throughout this period have been the holding of national conferences (and the publication of conference reports) on Counselling of Children and Young people; Telephone Helplines; and the Future of Christian Adoption Agencies; the publication of 27 newsletters; annual gatherings on matters of strategic importance where social policy and the Christian faith intersect. CCCF also facilitated the commissioning and publication of the book Caring for the Whole Child, by Rev. John Bradford, published by The Children’s Society.

In June 2000 the trustees agreed the recommendations of a steering group chaired by Raymond Clarke OBE on the vision, potential, distinctiveness and shape of CCCF. This was set out in Newsletter number 18, Autumn 2000.

CCCF is a charity managed by trustees all of whom are Christians drawn from different denominations, and who have experience in care, social action and community development involving children and young people. The patron from the outset has been Rt. Rev. John B. Taylor, formerly Bishop of St Albans.

Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP


Mr David Lane (Chair)
David’s career started with eight years as a residential child care worker involved in assessing the needs of about 1200 children. His salaried career ended with 18 years in senior management in Social Services. After 19 years as an independent consultant in social services, working mainly as an expert witness, he has now joined the panel of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry in Northern Ireland. He has chaired the Langley House Trust, edited Children Webmag since its inception, and played sundry roles in various professional bodies and charities.

Dr Arno Steen Andreasen
Overseer of the New Horizons Network of Churches
Director of WorldShapers Family Services
Health Counsellor

Mr David Pearson
Director/Company Secretary and founder of the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS)  is also one of the founders of CCCF.  David has been involved in child and adult protection for more than 40 years.  He was a senior Social Services Manager in a London Borough and later court-appointed Children’s Guardian and independent child safeguarding consultant.

Ms Esther Fenty
Is a member of the Calvary Church of God in Christ (COGIC) where she heads the National Sunday School Department. She has a particular interest in the faith formation of children and young people. Previously, Esther worked as a teacher in secondary schools, an educational psychologist for the local authority before working independently as a consultant educational psychologist.

Dr Josephine-Joy Wright
Consultant clinical psychologist with children and adolescents and joint author and editor of Celebrating Children Course.

Dr Keith J. White
Director of Mill Grove, a Christian residential community in East London caring for children and vulnerable adults;
Member of the Care Standards Tribunal; Trustee of Frontier Youth Trust; Chair of the Child Theology Movement;
Author of The Growth of LoveIn the MeantimeA Place for UsEntry Point (with Prof. Haddon Willmer).
He is one of the founders of CCCF.

The Revd Mary Hawes
Is the National Going for Growth (Children and Youth) Adviser for the Church of England. Previously she has worked as a primary school teacher, an editor with Scripture Union, Cathedral Education Officer for Rochester and Children’s Adviser for the Diocese of London. She lives in south-west London where she serves as Assistant Priest in the parish of St Mary with Sat Alban, Teddington.

Dr Nigel Varndell
Director of Church Partnerships at The Children’s Society.